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IAS s. Founded in by Romasistemi s. IAS produces software applications for the technical, operational and logistics management of aeronautical fleets. IAS has engineering personnel for the development of applications and aeronautical analysts with extensive experience in the technical and logistic aircraft management. IAS has acquired and consolidated professional skills and ductility over time, effectively applied in relevant professional context and to which flexibility and speed of intervention are combined.

The application software developed for technical, logistic, operational and training management of the aeronautical sector, are based on modern web technologies and relational database.

giancarlo franceschetti

The experience gained over time, has made our functional tools, versatile, suitable to support any fleet and able to integrate themselves with the management SW with which are equipped of new generation aircraft. Programming and operational management, technical-operational scaling of the fleet, planning and management of the stock, predictive analysis and personnel training management are the reference modules of our commercial products.

IVA e C. About us.Where communities thrive Join over 1. People Repo info. Misylola Ch: BeamSupport I need solution please oooo I activated it and downloaded my apps I opened my beam wallet to recover it back Vika Ch: BeamSupport Robert will take care.

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Lordmajestros Ch: BeamSupport Let me try again from scratch. Lordmajestros Ch: BeamSupport If you go to releases on the github.March 12 to 15, 15 companies belonging to Assolombarda will be in the U.

The work will be exhibited in a very prime location, on the ground floor of the building, in the Ernesto Meda Space. Brescia is the second manufacturing province in Europe. It has a greater number of exports in percentage than the Italian average, huge technological potential and all the numbers to become the city of large works like these. In the era of Google maps, the Orgoglio Brescia Consortium prefers to create and install works in the most important cities in the world.

Thanks to the creation and installation of such imposing, spectacular mega structures, we want to call attention to the district of Brescia which has always been on the cutting edge. Our project, which began at that time in Milan, has seen us working busily these last two years to give concreteness and value to a partnership which further strengthens the bond between the United States and Italy.

The Leosphere project is the symbol of Italian concreteness and ingenuity; the city of Chicago, the symbol of welcoming and vision. International media tested the next generation of the V12 Lamborghini flagship on both track and road. There is an Italy that goes above and beyond, an Italy highly sought after and in demand, it is the Italy known for its export and International fairs.

The Italy that everyone wants and imitates. Italiano English. International media tested the next generation of the V12 Lamborghini flagship on both track and road Continue Reading Continue Reading Social Links Facebook YouTube.

Registrazione della rivista "Benvenuta Italia" presso il Tribunale di Palermo. Direttore editoriale Giovanni Pellerito.However, irreversible sealing introduces several limitations to applications and internal accessibility of such devices as well as to the choice of materials for fabrication. In the present work, we describe and characterize a reliable, flexible and cost effective approach to fabricate devices that reversibly adhere to a substrate by taking advantage of magnetic forces.

To better represent the complexity of microfluidic devices, a Y-shaped configuration including lower scale parallel channels on each branch has been employed as reference geometry. To correctly evaluate our system, current sealing methods have been reproduced on the reference geometry.

Sealing experiments pressure control, flow control and hydraulic characterization have been carried out, showing consistent increases in terms of maximum achievable flow rates and pressures, as compared to devices obtained with other available reversible techniques.

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Moreover, no differences were detected between cells cultured on our magnetic devices as compared to cells cultured on permanently sealed devices. Disassembly of our devices for analyses allowed to stain cells by hematoxylin and eosin and for F-actin, following traditional histological processes and protocols.

In conclusion, we present a method allowing reversible sealing of microfluidic devices characterized by compatibility with: i complex fluidic layer configurations, ii micrometer sized channels, and iii optical transparency in the channel regions for flow visualization and inspection. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.


Rent this article via DeepDyve. J Micromech Microeng 16 1 — J Micromech Microeng 17 7 — Becker H, Gartner C Polymer microfabrication methods for microfluidic analytical applications.

Electrophoresis 21 1 — Lab Chip 6 1 — Brydson J Plastics materials, 7th edn.

Mostro di Firenze - Nino Filastò arringa il 26-05-1999 al processo compagni di merende

Elsevier, Amsterdam. Google Scholar. Anal Chem 76 4 — Lab Chip 5 4 — Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2 — Cold Spring Harb Protoc 4. Lab Chip 4 1 — Caister Academic Press, Norfolk. Lab Chip 8 4 —Giancarlo Foschetti, 35 years old, lives in Beverly Hills, California, but has also spent time in Tujunga, California. La Canada Flint Giancarlo Foschetti is 35 years old. Giancarlo lives in La Canada Flintridge, California.

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giancarlo franceschetti

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Massimo Franceschetti. Francesco Flammini. E B Streiff. Christine Franceschetti.

giancarlo franceschetti

Giorgio Franceschetti. Karlheinz Deschner. Antonio Franceschetti. Giancarlo Franceschetti. Franceschetti, Giancarlo. Donald R. Franco Franceschetti.

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Celine Blondel Franceschetti. Emanuele Franceschetti. Domenico Cesare Franceschetti. Bruno Maria Franceschetti. Elena Pisani. Franceschetti Alfred P. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. Home Learning. Filter your search Keyword.

Availability All In Stock 34 Pre-order 1. Format All Paperback 61 Hardback Refine results.Augusto B. Blood ; 26 : — The bleeding score helps to predict clinical outcomes in adult patients with von Willebrand disease. High bleeding scores correlate with intensive on-demand therapy and may identify cases requiring regular prophylaxis. Analyses of the bleeding tendency by means of the bleeding score BS have been proposed until now to confirm diagnosis but not to predict clinical outcomes in patients with inherited von Willebrand disease VWD.

Among the patients included, 75 9. Therefore, BS can be considered a simple predictor of clinical outcomes of VWD and may identify patients needing intensive therapeutic regimens. Whereas in classical hemophilia there is an excellent relationship between plasma levels of FVIII, frequency, and severity of clinical bleeding, in VWD such a relationship is less clear and straightforward.

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Patients were informed about the anonymous use of their data and the purpose of this study and gave informed consent in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki.

This study was approved by the institutional review board of the participating hospitals after the endorsement as an independent study by the AICE. Moreover, those patients who bled during this period were further observed beyond the RENAWI-2 follow-up until to evaluate any shift from on-demand treatment to prophylaxis.

For the purpose of RENAWI-2, all cases were included without distinguishing between propositi and affected family members. At each participating center, venous blood was withdrawn at the time of the baseline visit.

The following tests were performed at the central laboratory in Milan. The oligonucleotides used and the detailed testing procedures are available on request. The majority of the identified mutations had been previously recorded in the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis—Scientific Standardization Committee on VWF database www.

Treatments used to prevent bleeding at the time of surgery or invasive procedures in 72 patients as well as those used for secondary long-term prophylaxis in 11 cases were not analyzed in this study, which was specifically designed to evaluate only the phenotypic determinants of spontaneous bleeds.

Continuous variables were expressed as medians with minimum min and maximum max values, and categorical variables as counts and percentages. The relationship between VWF:RCo plasma levels and BS both taken as continuous was assessed by means of linear regression analysis, using a restricted cubic spline function to check for possible deviations from linearity, and adjusting for age and sex.

For each patient, the follow-up started on January 1, and ended at the date of the first bleeding event or on January 1, administrative censoring.

At the beginning of follow-up, all VWD patients were free from bleeding for at least 1 month. Bleeding-free survival was computed with the Kaplan-Meier method, and the log-rank test was used for comparison between groups. All analyses were performed with the statistical software SPSS release The main demographics and clinical-laboratory features of the whole cohort are shown in Table 1.

Among the cases, 75 9.

giancarlo franceschetti

Bleeders were defined as those VWD patients who had at least 1 spontaneous bleeding event requiring treatment during the 1-y follow-up.

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